Eclectic Modern Orchestra & DJ

The Club Orchestra are one of the most talented, versatile and unique acts on the scene. Their custom-tailored live sets include the biggest tunes of all time, perfectly blended with truly bespoke live instrument arrangements, and a performance like no other.

From Disco Classics to west coast hip-hop, The Club Orchestra offer a whole host of styles and genres guaranteed to pack out dancefloors, and be the talking point of any event.



Each live set is delicately curated, with only the absolute best songs making the cut. String, horn & percussion parts are then expertly overlaid to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

TCO also offers an adaptable lineup, giving clients flexibility to reduce or increase the size of the orchestra to suit the event. Each member of The Club Orchestra is at the top of their game, providing hundreds of events each year, both nationally & worldwide.