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It’s always been a big hit on the party scene, but now old school funk and soul is blasting its way back into the mainstream! Amongst the fantastic performers of Twisted Entertainment, you’ll find acts from any strand of funk, soul and motown that you can think of - so whether you’re planning a work event, family reunion, a wedding or a chilled-out get together with your friends, our experienced bookers will help you to find the musicians you are looking for.

Ready to book a funk and soul band?

Funk Band for Hire: The Easy Way to Hire a Soul and Funk Band

Twisted Entertainment’s books feature a number of world class funk and soul bands for hire. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for:

A diverse roster of exceptionally talented musicians to choose from
Handpicked acts tailored to any event
Expert advice throughout the booking process
Affordable fees to match any budget
Fast, effective and friendly customer service

Why Hire a Funk and Soul Band?

Funk and soul music is always a hit, perfect for either a mellow, chilled out meal or some high energy grooving on the dance floor. If you’re considering our funk and soul bands for hire, you won’t regret it. All of our performers are world class musicians with lengthy experience of playing to audiences of all sizes and for events of every kind.

From motown bands to smooth soul performers to 70s funk bands for hire, our authentic acts have mastered all of the classics, helping your guests to dance the night away to their favourite tracks. Whatever the occasion, our musicians will make it an evening you’ll never forget.

Why Use Twisted Entertainment to Book a Soul and Funk Band?

For a spectacular show, incomparable skills and a truly feel-good experience, our knowledgeable team and roster of top quality performers will ensure that the entertainment for your event is in the best of hands. We’ll assist you with your booking from beginning to end, so you can relax and enjoy the music.

To find out more, all you need to do is call us today on 07487 588 857 or email

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