Jazz outfit for hire, available for event globally

The Swing Things are a sensational, authentic act with some of the most in – demand and experienced Jazz musicians in the UK. Perfect either for a bright start to the evening, or to take you dancing through until the end of the night – they are the perfect group for any occasion.

If you’re looking for the ultimate jazz performance, The Swing Things are a perfect choice. They’re available to hire for weddings, events and corporate parties throughout the UK and internationally.

Frequently asked questions

QHow do I book The Swing Things?

As The Swing Things are in high demand, we advise booking early. Please just get in touch and we'll happily guide you through it.

QDo the band take requests?

The Swing Things have a huge repertoire of Jazz standards old & new, so they would love to hear from you about your song choices.

QDo the Band travel?

The guys are based in Manchester and having a busy schedule around the UK and abroad.

QDo they always dress so well?

Definitely. Their snappy shirts and dapper style are ever-present at every event.

QCan The Swing Things provide extra sets?

Certainly - there's nothing more that these guys like than playing music. Please get in touch for a list of options.

QHow long does it take The Swing Things to set up?

The Swing Things are typically set up, sound checked and looking fabulous within an hour.

QCan I speak to The The Swing Things?

By all means. Feel free to call or email right up until the day of your event with any questions you might have!