Why Should I Have A Gospel Choir Wedding?

If you’re looking for truly unique entertainment to play during your ceremony or reception, you might decide to rent a gospel choir wedding band for the big day.


In this article, the team at Twisted Entertainment – a top-quality booking agency with a wide range of acts on our roster – explains why gospel choir wedding entertainment could be the perfect choice for the most exciting day of your life!


Why Should I Have a Gospel Choir Wedding? 


It’s a great idea to hire a gospel choir for your wedding if you want joyful, soulful, uplifting music for your ceremony or reception.


With rich, harmonious voices and a wide range of songs in their repertoire, gospel performers are artists at the top of their game, adding a sense of spirituality and euphoria to any occasion. 


An act of this kind will provide the perfect accompaniment for any celebration of love.


What Music Can I Expect From Gospel Singers? 


Gospel music has a signature sound and style that often involves complex harmonies and the expert use of vocal embellishment. The pieces performed can range from exciting, high-energy tunes to slow and gentle tracks.


The music created by talented performers in a gospel choir will tap into the soul of your event, capturing the heady highs and the gentle, heartfelt moments.


Generally, when looking for a gospel choir to hire, you’ll find groups of performers accompanied by drums, guitar and – perhaps most notably – bass. Along with its famous vocal style, the basslines of gospel music are among its most well-known features.


Many gospel bands will also branch out into motown, soul, and other connected genres.


How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Gospel Choir? 


A good gospel choir’s wedding price will usually be £1,500 minimum. The exact cost will depend on the number of musicians in the group, any travel involved, and the length of time for which you would like them to perform.


Where Can I Hire a Gospel Choir For My Wedding?


Twisted Entertainment has exceptional gospel singers for hire as part of our roster, for example, Twisted Gospel has performed at major festivals and venues and is available both nationally and internationally.


For joyful, soulful entertainment throughout your wedding day, start your enquiries into gospel wedding bands now. It’s important to look into entertainment hire for your wedding as soon as you can to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream act! 


Anyone seeking unforgettable gospel choir hire for weddings should look no further! Get in touch with Twisted Entertainment today for further details. 

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