Explosive brass band for hire, available for weddings and corporate events globally.

One of the finest and well-travelled brass collective in the world, Twisted Tubes are a 5, 6 or 10 piece brass band for hire, based in the North West.

Playing a massive mix of classics from Whitney to MJ, along with fresh new sounds from the likes of Dua Lipa, Twisted Tubes bring a fresh and unique sound to the newly emerging Brass Funk genre.

Performing as a 6 piece group or with an incredible 10 piece, Twisted Tubes will make any event a spectacular occasion.

The guys are also able to perform as a 5 piece roaming outfit, engaging with guests whilst still delivering an impeccable musical performance. Twisted Tubes provide faultless alternative entertainment for weddings, parties and corporate events worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

QWhat style of music do Twisted Tubes play?

Genre-bending means the band plays covers a huge range of tracks in their set. From Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk to current pop and Dance, they've got it covered.

QHow many members are there in the band?

With different line-ups, Twisted Tubes has a size to fit any occasion. From a roaming 5 piece instrumental band to the full 10 piece outfit, Tubes have an outfit for every occasion.

QThe guys are also able to perform as a roaming outfit?

Being a brass and percussion outfit, this means the guys are able to walk around and play - meaning no cables, no wires and still a fat, brassy sound.

QHow long do they take to set up?

All that brass means Twisted Tubes need 60 minutes to get set up and ready to rock your event.

QHow far will the band travel?

With events as far as Seoul and Bermuda, Twisted Tubes are one of the best-travelled acts in the business and will go far and wide to make any event special.