Incredible soul singer with impressive range

Yemi has vast and varied experiences in the music industry. She’s been featured on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Introducing, BBC 1Xtra, Kiss FM working with acclaimed producers such as Benny Page and Josh Butler.

With an ear for good vocal work (be it her own or that of her vocal peers and co-workers) these expertise cross over into the function and party scene to give you a unique combination of live music prowess and upbeat party to festival experience – when the full carousel are in swing.


For the laid back entertainment events, you get the romantic soul-stress and dinnertime jazz elegance that sits in the background to complement any high-quality event.

Frequently asked questions

QHow do I book Yemi?

Please get in touch using our contact form and one of our friendly agents will be in touch shortly after.

QHow far does Yemi travel?

Yemi appears at events both UK and internationally.

QHow long does Yemi need to set up?

Set up time varies on the size of band. Please discuss your requirements with an agent and we'll work out the best plan for your event.

QCan I make requests?

Yes absolutely. Yemi will cater to as many musical tastes as possible, so please let us know your thoughts and we'll take it from there.

QHow long does Yemi perform for?

A typical event will consist of 90 minutes of performance, but we know every event is different and will help meet your requirements as best we can.