Hiring a Band for Your Destination Wedding Abroad

Weddings abroad provide a real sense of excitement and individuality – after all, it’s almost like having a holiday while enjoying one of the most important events of your life!

Of course, getting married overseas means facing slightly different challenges to domestic weddings – for example, how will you arrange your destination wedding band? 

In this article, the team at Twisted Entertainment, specialist bookers of musicians for events, explain how finding a destination wedding band to play on your special day can be easy when you go through the right channels.


Can I Hire a Wedding Band for my Destination Wedding?

You’ll be able to arrange UK wedding entertainment hire for almost any date or destination – as long as you plan far enough in advance. 

After all, you’ll need to make sure your tailored entertainment is available and able to travel to your required location without any problems.

Twisted Entertainment regularly arranges bands and performers for perfect weddings abroad, working hard to ensure the ideal experience for brides and grooms to be.

Thanks to our wide range of acts, you can find unique and quirky musicians to perform almost any style of music you can think of to match your wedding style. From roaming jazz players to vintage and folk sounds, funk and soul, pop, you’re certainly not short of choice.


How Much Does a Destination Wedding Band Cost?

So, how much is a wedding band abroad? For a UK-based act, travel expenses will need to be covered – so you can expect to spend a little more for your entertainment.

However, the act you choose will probably have made the trip especially for your event and will likely be staying near the venue, so they may be available to provide entertainment for the whole of the day, offering great value for money.

Why Should I Hire a UK Wedding Band for my Destination Wedding? 

There are major upsides to hiring a wedding band from the UK, including:

 Clear Contracts

Performers from UK agencies will be contracted to follow particular regulations and deliver work of a certain standard. You’ll have access to all of the official documentation, so there will be no nasty surprises.

Shared Language

Communication with UK-based artists may be easier than with those from your destination country, as there will be no language barrier.

Adaptable Insurance

The UK-based bands booked through Twisted Entertainment regularly play overseas and are covered by insurance wherever they perform. 

Familiar Repertoire

UK performers will probably understand your references and know pieces that your audience love. They may also be more willing to specialise.


Popular Wedding Destinations Abroad 



One of the most popular locations to which we find ourselves repeatedly sending wedding entertainment is France!

With the country’s renown for romance, superb hospitality, and great food, it’s easy to see why people choose it.

South of France

Yes, we’ve already mentioned France above – but the country’s southern regions, and particularly the coastal areas of Provence, require an individual mention in and of themselves! 

The south of France is wildly popular thanks to its beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and synonymy with the rich and famous.

For a Twisted Entertainment wedding band, the south of France is familiar territory!



Italy knows how to party – particularly when it comes to weddings. Well known for its wonderful food and penchant for social events, an event here will always be colourful, joyous, and memorable.

We regularly find ourselves sending wedding bands to Italy to help couples have the time of their lives.

As you’ve seen, it’s very easy to hire a UK band for your destination wedding. To find out more, get in touch with Twisted Entertainment today. Be sure to contact us as early as possible to make sure your dream act is free on the date of your wedding!