How to Plan Corporate Event Entertainment

Whether your company has an occasion coming up in the very near future or you need corporate summer party entertainment ideas for a future event, it’s important to understand how to book your chosen acts long before the big day arrives.

Twisted Entertainment has provided acts for work functions, parties, and other get-togethers for years. We’re a team of highly experienced corporate event entertainment bookers, so we know the process inside out.


This article is a guide to organising corporate event entertainment that all of your attendees will love.


Understand the Purpose of the Event


What exactly is your event for? If it’s a fun “mixer” for employees from different branches, there may be opportunities for corporate entertainment games and lighthearted activities.


The same goes for milestone or achievement celebrations – or, indeed, staff Christmas parties.


On the other hand, big presentations and summits may be more formal. While live music can certainly still play a part in these, it’s usually best to prioritise subtlety and dignity.


Choose a Theme and Format 


A good idea when picking an event theme is to consider the tastes and preferences of your company’s staff and management team.


Your venue can also be a good starting point. Perhaps it lends itself to a particular design style or subject?


Consider why you are holding the event. Could you create a theme based on this? 


For example, if it’s a big anniversary for your company, why not theme it after its inaugural year? If it first opened in the 90s, you could plan a 90s costume competition, 90s music, a 90s quiz, and more!


The format is also important. When are people likely to want to eat? Should the more business-oriented elements of the day be broken up with fun activities, or could it be a day of two halves: first-half work, second-half play?


Consider when you want your entertainment, too. This could be determined by your budget – along with how acts will fit into the day time-wise.


Establish a Budget 


Research your costs thoroughly. You may need to take into account:


  • Venue hire
  • Food and snacks (will this be available throughout the day or will there be a specific meal served?)
  • Drinks (will there be a pre-paid tab?)
  • Decor and equipment
  • Transport
  • Entertainment hire
  • Insurance (your chosen act will usually have their own)


Find real world figures instead of estimating and have a contingency in place in case of unforeseen expenses.


Choosing Your Entertainment 


Select your entertainment based on your budget, your theme and the function you’d like them to serve.


For example, if you want an act to accompany your meal and play a few sets for attendees to dance to, you’ll need the budget to cover this.


If your event is taking place outside of the UK, make sure you can pay for your chosen act’s transport costs.


Finding corporate party entertainment to suit your theme is easy. Acoustic performers are great for small, intimate occasions and outdoor parties, while loud, energetic, “plugged-in” acts are perfect for large-scale indoor occasions with dancing.


Something a little more “classic” such as a harpist or string quartet may be best for a formal event. You can also find “vintage”-style acts to suit parties based around a certain year, or you might just want a band to do fun and stylish covers of all your favourite crowd pleasers!


Where Can I Find Corporate Event Entertainment? 


Twisted Entertainment can provide information and quotes for all of our acts available for corporate get-togethers. We’ll help you through every step of the booking process to make sure you can hire the perfect act for your big day.


For assistance in finding the right entertainment and scheduling them for your event, simply contact the team today. We’ll be very happy to help.