Why Choose To Hire A Roaming Band For Your Outdoor Summer Wedding?

Looking for unique and unusual wedding entertainment ideas to make your special day memorable? Roaming bands are a fun and quirky option that will keep your guests enthralled throughout.

But what exactly is a roaming wedding band?

What is a Roaming Band?

Roaming bands are performers who play “unplugged”, allowing them to move around any space. While they are particularly well-suited to an outdoor wedding reception, they are extremely flexible in terms of venue. 

The act will be able to play in different areas throughout the event, without having to set up and remove their equipment each time. After all, they’ll be carrying their instruments with them as they play!

You can find roaming bands that play all kinds of music. Common options include:

  • Brass
  • Acoustic or folk
  • Acapella
  • Jazz
  • Classic pop covers

The roaming bands represented by Twisted Entertainment are available for hire across the UK and beyond, they often play at celebrations and corporate events, as well as weddings.

Why You Should Hire a Roaming Band

 1. They’re unique and exciting

Every marrying couple wants to arrange something that their guests will remember for years to come. A roaming band will bring a very individual and fun feel to proceedings and will keep people talking well after the big day is over.

 2. They’re versatile

As we’ve explained above, you’ll be surprised at the range of musical genres that can be performed by a roaming band. 

Many acoustic instruments are fairly easy to move around as they are, but some acts will even play portable percussion sets or use personal amplification systems to help them play in a range of styles.

 3. They’re personal

One of the best things about roaming bands is their capacity to create mini-performances in certain areas of your venue. Intimate groups of guests can gather round and enjoy a moment that feels tailored to them and them alone.

It’s a great way to keep all attendees entertained and engaged throughout the event.

4. They’re easy to organise

A garden party wedding may seem like a laid back affair, but outdoor events often take a great deal of organising in order to go smoothly. 

From arranging suitable catering to deciding on contingencies in case of bad weather, you’ll have enough on your plate without having to worry about staging and electricity generators for your act.

Of course, roaming bands don’t need any of this. They’re unplugged and ready to mingle with your guests all around the venue. Most of the time, all you’ll need to do is to talk them through the schedule for the day and let them do their thing!

Are There Any Outdoor Entertainment Requirements?

If your planned outdoor event is taking place on your own land, you won’t need any particular permissions or licenses for playing music. 

However, you need to consider your neighbours and make sure you aren’t making too much noise -, particularly between 11pm and 7am, as this may lead to you receiving a warning notice.

If you are hiring the space, you’ll need to check with your hosts about any restrictions they may have, such as timings and noise levels.

Finally, you’ll need to discuss your requirements with your chosen performers and find out how they usually work. If they are using any electrical equipment, it must be safe to use outside, and should be PAT tested.

Professional acts should also have public liability cover.

Will My Guests Enjoy A Roaming Band?

A roaming band will be a sure-fire hit for your wedding attendees. Acts of this kind are able to set up mini-performances in different parts of your venue and interact with guests of all ages, helping them to have a more unique and personal experience.

It’s such an unusual and engaging form of entertainment that loved ones will be talking about your roaming band for years to come!

Roaming Bands For Outdoor Summer Weddings

Twisted Entertainment represents a number of roaming bands that will be perfect for your outdoor wedding. These include:

  • Twisted Tubes: an awesome 6-10 piece act performing brass-funk covers of classic and current hits from the stage, the dance floor and even out on the street!
  • The Ultras: a fantastic luxury 8-21 piece showband offering superbly choreographed performances and incredible audience interaction.
  • Ben on Sax: a solo sax act providing a high-energy jazz soundtrack to your event – from every corner of your venue.

 Twisted Entertainment

Roaming bands are the perfect choice for any outdoor event, and will tie in perfectly with your open air wedding – whatever your choice of theme.

For more details and to hire your perfect act, simply contact Twisted Entertainment today.