Virtual Christmas Party for Your Corporate Event

It’s currently a difficult time to arrange in-person events with certainty. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the Christmas season to the full with your colleagues and friends.

This is where a new trend – the virtual Christmas party – comes in!

Twisted Entertainment provides top quality music acts for events of all kinds. In this article, the Twisted team explores ideas for a virtual office Christmas party that will keep everyone feeling joyful while remaining safe and comfortable.

Ideas for Virtual Christmas Party

You shouldn’t tone down the fun just because your Christmas party is virtual! There are plenty of great online event ideas you can use to keep everyone in the spirit.

Get started by:

Creating a schedule of activities so everyone knows what to expect
Informing all attendees of which platform will be used and send everyone a link
Confirming a start time for all virtual events
Ensuring that everyone has a working camera, microphone and internet connection
Making sure you will be able to access and share all required media
Arranging the hire of any virtual Christmas party entertainment way ahead of time

 Virtual Christmas Party Themes

There are so many options for fun themes as part of a virtual Xmas party. Here are just a few:


Why not assign roles and dress up as characters from the nativity story to bring a little joy to your virtual get together?

Santa and His Elves and/or Reindeer

Your office could become the North Pole workshop! Who wouldn’t want to see their bosses and managers dressing as Santa (or Ms Santa), or their colleagues donning elf and reindeer costumes?

Christmas Music

Theme your party after popular Christmas tunes – either with everyone picking costumes from a certain song or organising activities based on one particular track, such as the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Arts and Crafts

Why not crack out the glitter and make something? Whether you’re icing cakes and cookies, crafting snowflakes or paper chains or making your own decorations for the office tree, there’s a lot of fun to be had with these activities.

Gift Exchange

Use this chance to show your appreciation for your colleagues. Make sure all presents get to their intended recipients before the event, then take it in turns to open them on camera.

Virtual Christmas Party Games

What is Christmas without a few games? Here are just a few of our favourite ideas:

Christmas Quiz

From Christmas songs to festive movies to seasonal foods, test your team’s knowledge with a fun quiz.

Costume Competition

Compete for the best outfit for a touch of festive silliness.

Best Background

Get your screen looking super festive by having your colleagues compete to see whose virtual backdrop is best.


It’s the classic Christmas game – and so easy to do remotely!

Virtual Entertainment to Hire

You can still organise live acts for a remote Christmas party. Since early 2020, virtual entertainment companies have been springing up to help people celebrate despite restrictions.

The team at Twisted offers virtual entertainment for corporate events, scaling down our superb music acts to underscore any party, even on the small screen.

To find out more about our acts and what we can do remotely, contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you!