What Is A Roaming Band And Why You Should Book One For Your Wedding?

If you’re looking for quirky wedding entertainment to keep guests engaged and impressed throughout your reception or after-party, you might decide to look into roaming bands to hire.

Twisted Entertainment has a number of great acts of this kind on our books, with top performers like Twisted Tubes for hire.

But what is a roaming band – and why has this form of alternative wedding entertainment become such a craze in the last few years? 

In this article, our team explains a little about the joy of roaming bands to hire and reveals how this format adds a new twist to the standard pop-rock, jazz, and folk act, lending a further dimension to singers, saxophonists, and brass bands for hire.


 What is a Roaming Band?

A roaming band is exactly what it sounds like; a group of musicians who move around a designated space and mingle with your guests, creating mini-performances in different areas and for different groups to create something totally unique each time.

You can select a roaming band based on your chosen wedding theme for an added element of fun that your attendees will talk about for years to come.


How Roaming Bands Can Bring a Different Dimension to Your Wedding

This form of alternative wedding entertainment can bring energy and fun to every corner of your event, whether you’re outdoors or indoors.

For example, one of Twisted Entertainment’s resident roaming brass bands for hire – Twisted Tubes – is a roaming band that regularly performs from the stage, from the dance floor, and even out in the streets!

It’s the unexpected nature of a roaming band that gives this quirky wedding entertainment trend a little something extra, keeping attendees intrigued throughout each set as they travel around the space. The flexibility of this kind of act makes it ideal for almost any event.

Your guests will love to interact with the roaming musicians, dancing along to them and feeling as if they are receiving an exclusive performance, tailored specially to them.

With wedding trends over recent years leaning more and more towards the individual and unique, a roaming band may be the way to achieve that extra special and inventive vibe you’ve been looking for.

The roaming bands at Twisted Entertainment love being right in the middle of the action and keeping the energy of your event high from start to finish.


 How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a roaming band generally depends on the size of the outfit, the length of the set you require them to play, and their level of experience, but at Twisted Entertainment, acts of this kind start at around £1,800.


 How Long do Roaming Bands Play For?

A typical roaming band will play for between 90 minutes and two hours, with the full experience divided into a series of sets performed from different areas within the venue or space.

Different bands are likely to arrange their sets in different lengths, so be sure to communicate thoroughly with any act you are considering to determine what will happen on the night.


What Style of Music do Roaming Bands Play?

It is possible for a roaming band to play almost any kind of music – so the individual style of each often depends only on decisions made by the act themselves.

Of course, the nature of this kind of act relies on the ability to move around – and some instruments are more portable than others! For example, roaming bands will not usually have full drum kits. 

It is much easier for bands to roam “unplugged”, with acoustic instruments, so larger rock outfits and bands that rely on complex sound mixing and amplification won’t work as a roaming act unless they make some significant changes.

Our love for roaming bands at events isn’t likely to end any time soon – so why not book one for your own big day? Twisted Entertainment offers a wide range of roaming bands to hire to suit any and all events, including weddings.

To learn more about our acts, or to begin the booking process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to help you find your perfect roaming band.