One of the UK's finest brass bands available to hire for weddings and corporate events globally

Back Chat Brass don’t require any lengthy set – up time, as they’re lucky enough to be able to play totally acoustically – indoors or outdoors. Their line – up means the possibilities for your event are endless.

The band will tailor their performance to suit any event, be it an intimate drinks reception at a wedding, or a full-blown after-party to finish the night off in style.

Available for a range of events, including weddings and corporate events, Back Chat Brass are available to hire for UK and international bookings.

Frequently asked questions

QHow do I book Back Chat Brass?

Booking is easy - just provide us with a few key details and we'll take care of the rest, guiding you through the booking process.

QHow far will Back Chat Brass travel?

Back Chat Brass often travel the lengths of the UK, and beyond.

QCan Back Chat Brass provide additional sets?

Yes - Back Chat Brass are happy to extend their performance to suit your event. Please let us know if you'd like extra and we'll send over full details.

QHow long does set up take?

Back Chat Brass are usually ready to go after around 1 hour of their arrival.

QCan I speak to Back Chat Brass?

Of course - Back Chat Brass are happy to run through anything on your mind.