Incredible 7 - 12 piece Big Band for events globally.

One of the UK’s finest Big Bands. Described as funky, fresh and soulful, Retrospekt bring the party to any event, with a truly one of a kind, show-stopping performance.

With both Male and Female lead vocals, Retrospekt brings an incredible ix of musicianship, energy and charisma, lighting up any dance floor.

With classics from BeyoncĂ©, Odyssey and Patti LaBelle to name a few, the band breathes new life into classics and performs the in a way you’ve never heard before. Starting as an 8 piece, the band can add horns and extras to your specification.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat style of music do Retrospekt play?

Genre-bending means the band plays covers a huge range of tracks in their set. From Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk to current pop and Dance, they've got it covered. As a Big band, horns lend themselves to almost all genres.

QHow many members are there in the band?

With different line-ups, Retrospekt has a size to fit any occasion. From a compact 8 piece band to the full 12 piece outfit, the guys have an outfit for every occasion.

QHow long do they take to set up?

As it's a big set up, the band will need at least 90 minutes to set up and get sound checked for the party.

QHow far will the band travel?

Retrospekt love an away day. They take bookings internationally and will be happy to discuss you travel needs and requirements.