Finding Live Music For Your Boho Wedding


If you’re looking for live entertainment to suit a boho wedding, Twisted Entertainment can help. We represent a roster of excellent wedding music bands and performers from which you can take your pick in order to make your wedding day extra special.


Your “boho” or bohemian style wedding needs the right music to keep the vibe going throughout the ceremony and into the night. Read on to find out more about the live entertainment you might choose for a boho wedding.

What Makes a Boho Wedding?


The term “boho” comes from the word “bohemian”, a term that refers to something unconventional and artistic.


A boho-style wedding is an event with a relaxed aesthetic – often with rustic or organic-themed decor or a DIY/mix-and-match feel.


The great thing about throwing a boho-themed wedding is that this style is so free and loose that you can do pretty much anything you want! 


Consider decorating with warm-coloured, heavily textured draping fabrics and cushions, laying out mismatched chairs and place settings, using raw-edged or patinated woods and metals and including wildflowers in your arrangements.


Of course, you’ll also need boho wedding entertainment to match!


What Style of Live Entertainment Should I Have?


There are a range of different options you could choose from for your boho wedding reception or ceremony. These might include:



Acoustic performers work beautifully as providers of live wedding music for a boho celebration, particularly if your venue is intimate, outdoors or doesn’t have the best access to power.


However, that isn’t to say that all events of this kind need to involve an “unplugged” sound – you can be just as boho with an amplified band!


How Long Should My Wedding Music Band Play For? 


Typically, wedding bands play for around two hours at a reception – though this can be divided in a number of ways. 


Often, the band will have rehearsed their sets in a particular way. This doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t be open to making adjustments if asked long enough in advance.


The most common arrangements are two hour-long sets or three 40-minute sets with breaks in between, though you may come across other variations depending on the act in question. Once the band has finished, it’s common for a DJ to step in and play for the rest of the evening.


It’s also possible to arrange for live entertainment to accompany all of parts of your ceremony, wedding breakfast, or other occasions throughout the day.


How Do I Find A Musician For My Boho Style Wedding? 


If you’re seeking live wedding entertainment for hire to play at your boho-themed event, Twisted Entertainment is here to help. We represent a wide range of different acts that will fit in beautifully with the style of wedding you have chosen.


For laid-back or high-energy boho-style bands, take a look at our roster of acts today. As soon as you find one that fits the bill, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to ensure you don’t miss out.


Contact Twisted Entertainment today for ideas, suggestions or to book the perfect entertainment for your big day.