String Quartet For Wedding : 5 Reasons You Need Book One

They may be a classical music ensemble steeped in centuries of history, but a string quartet for wedding occasions is still a popular choice for many couples. And with good reason. From tradition to atmosphere, their ability to capture a room is second to none.

Wondering whether to choose a string quartet for wedding music? Well, we’re here to make your decision a little easier. Read on to learn more about this musical art form, and discover how it can transform your special day.

String quartet for wedding ceremony

Don’t worry if classical compositions aren’t your strong suit. Going back to basics, a string quartet is traditionally made up of two violins, a viola and a cello. Each musician plays a part in creating an elegant, well-balanced sound across a wide range of tempos and styles to suit the occasion – see for yourself here.

Whatever mood you’re going for, quartets can bring flurries of energy, waves of tranquillity and everything in between, blending beautifully into your ceremony and leaving your guests in awe. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why this ensemble will make your day even more memorable.

Reasons you should hire a string quartet for your wedding

When it comes to selecting music for your wedding, there are many things to think about. After all, there’s a lot of people to please – including yourselves! Here are a few reasons why a string quartet could be your go-to choice:


The way a set of strings can fill a space is really quite unique. A quartet sets a backdrop like no other, capturing the crowd with mesmerising sound. The aura they create merges seamlessly into the joyous events of your day, cultivating the perfect ambience.


Classical musicians are well trained and highly professional. That means you can trust them to deliver exactly what’s been asked of them at exactly the right time. Giving you peace of mind to focus on the rest of the day, while the music takes care of itself.


Nothing says ‘traditional’ quite like a string quartet for wedding occasions. If you’re looking for that classy touch to complete your white wedding, this is the route for you. Once the musicians begin to play, ethereal bliss is guaranteed – a setting fit for royalty.


Providing a stunning soundtrack for walking down the aisle is one thing, but don’t underestimate a string quartet’s ability to switch things up after the ceremony. They can adapt their energy, tempo and overall style for the reception. And many quartets can even deliver playful renditions of modern music – a certified crowd-pleaser. 


Ultimately, string quartets can elegantly sew your wedding together, making them great value for money. Many of your guests may rarely get the chance to see that kind of music up close, so the added wow factor is a priceless bonus. They’re the ideal choice if you’re looking for an act guaranteed to live up to the price tag.

How much is a string quartet for a wedding? 

Now you know what to expect, you may be sold on the idea but bound by your budget. So, how much does a string quartet cost for a wedding? You’re looking in the approximate region of £800. But there are a few important factors that can bring the price up or down. When enquiring, consider the following:

  • Set-up costs
  • Location of artists (travel, accommodation)
  • Time and length of set
  • Food and drink
  • Special requirements (rider)

Why choose Twisted Entertainment for your string quartet hire?

When it comes to string quartet pieces for weddings, we’ve got you covered. Not only are our ensembles extremely gifted musicians, but they also have lots of wedding experience. Tight schedules, unique requests, demanding circumstances – it’s all in a day’s work for our roster of artists. Besides musical prowess, flexibility is their main asset to ensuring the perfect soundtrack to your special day. See for yourself – take a look at one of our acts.

At Twisted Entertainment, we’ve got the full spectrum of music to match your tastes. With styles and formats to suit every part of your wedding, we’ll make sure your day is unforgettable. Visit our site to see what we have to offer, or feel free to contact us directly.