Why You Need A Dj or Band For A Wedding

Everyone loves a wedding, but when the big day finally arrives, there can be a lot of waiting around. So if you’re thinking about hiring a DJ or band for a wedding, it might be the best decision you make.


String Quartet For Wedding : 5 Reasons You Need Book One

They may be a classical music ensemble steeped in centuries of history, but a string quartet for wedding occasions is still a popular choice for many couples. And with good reason. From tradition to atmosphere, their ability to capture a room is second to none.

Wondering whether to choose a string quartet for wedding music? Well, we’re here to make your decision a little easier. Read on to learn more about this musical art form, and discover how it can transform your special day.


Top Wedding Bands To Hire

When looking for wedding bands to hire, there’s a good chance you’re imagining a room full of excited (and perhaps slightly intoxicated) friends and family, dancing to live covers of old classics. And while that’s the reality for many, wedding music hire goes much further – from the style of music to the orchestration of the entire event. 

To ensure you get the most out of hiring a wedding band, you need to consider the three main sections of your big day: the ceremony, the drinks reception, and the evening celebrations. At each of these stages the location, vibe, and attendees usually differ. And that means the music should too.

So to help you find the perfect top-to-bottom soundtrack, we’ve broken down the best types of wedding bands to hire for each part of your special day. (more…)

A Guide To Hiring A Wedding Band

Whether you’re going for bells and whistles, or a more subtle celebration, it’s likely that hiring a wedding band ranks near the top of your to-do list when planning the big day. The mood of your guests, the atmosphere of the venue, and of course, your first dance, all depend on the music.

But you can’t just book any old wedding band for hire and keep your fingers crossed. It takes planning and preparation. Here at Twisted Entertainment, we know a thing or two about providing the ideal soundtrack to your day. That’s why we’re sharing our guide to hiring a wedding band, so you can avoid a musical mishap. (more…)

Live Music for Weddings with Noise Restrictions

One of the most exciting ways in which you and your partner can put a unique stamp on your big day is through wedding entertainment.

However, it’s important to remember that more and more wedding venues are now imposing noise limits on events – so you should come up with a plan that takes this into account before you find yourself struggling with an awkward and stressful situation that may threaten to put a damper on the proceedings.

So why do these limits exist, and what can you do to adhere to them and still enjoy the live wedding music of your choice? In this article, we provide some useful advice.


Why Do Wedding Venues Have Noise Limits and What Are They?

Live music noise regulations are gradually becoming more common across venues of every kind and maybe put in place for a variety of reasons. It may be that your wedding venue is located near a residential area or hotel, and the restrictions were established so as to not disturb the inhabitants.

If you are getting married in a historical venue, you may be told to limit any noise because the vibrations may cause structural damage.

The venue will also be required to stick to volume limits set by the local council.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to respect the rules of your chosen venue, as your relationship with them needs to be as smooth as possible in the run-up to your event!

Noise restrictions in UK venues usually lie between 80 dB (decibels) and 110 dB, with the average sitting around 95 dB. If you’re not sure how you’ll be able to stick to the sound levels your wedding venue has advised, you may benefit from the use of a sound limiter.


What Is a Sound Limiter and Why Do Venues Have Them?

Sound limiters are devices with inbuilt microphones that are able to measure the volume of the music that is being played in a venue.

They often include a display that reveals when the music is exceeding the set limit. If your band is playing at a good volume, the bars on the display will light up green. If you are approaching the limit, the lights will enter an amber zone. If the red bars light up, you’re too loud.

Some sound limiters have an inbuilt feature that causes the music to cut out if it exceeds the restrictions set by the venue. This can be pretty embarrassing and disappointing, as you’ll want your wedding entertainment to go without a hitch.


Do I Need to Consult My Wedding Venue Before Booking Entertainment?


It’s very important to discuss noise restrictions with your venue as early on as you can – in fact, we recommend bringing up this subject during your first meeting, or even in an email enquiry while shortlisting locations.

This is because this factor will have a considerable knock-on effect when it comes to booking your wedding entertainment. Any band that you choose to play at your celebration will need to know what the situation is in terms of limits.

If you’ve already booked your entertainment, there’s no need to worry. If they are experienced wedding performers, it’s likely that they’re used to catering to sound restrictions and will have tried and tested methods in place that will ensure they’re able to adhere to them.

This is likely to be a weight off your mind. However, you should never assume that an act will be able to be totally flexible at a moment’s notice. You’ll need to tell them about the limits well in advance so they can plan their set properly.

You should also tell your venue about the band you’ve booked to make sure they’re happy with the set up so that there are no problems on the day itself.

Of course, you may be in for a nice surprise when you consult your venue about noise – some locations invest in soundproofing to ensure that you aren’t chained to a harsh limit.


What Are the Best Wedding Entertainment Options for Venues with Noise Restrictions?


In order to avoid clashes with your venue regarding noise restrictions, you may decide to choose performers or bands whose style and setup are less likely to breach set limits.

Solo acts, for example, are usually more likely than a full band to be able to control their volume. However, if you have chosen a larger band to play at your event, there should be no cause for concern. There are a lot of steps that can be taken in order to stick to the rules – for example:

  • Drums can be replaced with electric kits
  • Regular sticks can be swapped out for hot rods
  • Smaller or less powerful guitar amps can be used
  • Volume levels can be gauged and set during sound checks
  • Performers can employ decibel reader apps to keep their sound levels in check


If you’re trying to meet the requirements of a venue with particularly strict limits, there’s no reason why the quality of your entertainment should suffer – and the team at Twisted Entertainment know that first hand. We manage a number of exceptionally talented acts that are perfect for venues with tight restrictions. These include solo acts and smaller bands such as:


Ben on Sax

Ben’s stellar turns on Radio 1 and as support for The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers are accolades that prove this superb saxophonist’s star quality.

Addin the bright and upbeat sound of sax to dance and pop tunes – and everything in between – he’ll keep your guests on their feet right through the night.

Femme on Sax

With a sparkling career playing the club scene in Barcelona and touring London, Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, Helsinki and the Philippines, May’s light up sax and exciting twists on party classics including deep house, funk and chill out tracks will add something truly original to your event.


Return of the Mac

Whether you’re looking for something chilled out and charming or brimming with floor-filling energy, this trio can serve anything from red hot dance tracks to smooth R&B, either up on the stage or roaming through their audience!

And larger bands, including:


Twisted Strings

Add a touch of class and sophistication to your party with this stylish string quartet. They can go electric or acoustic and provide elegant covers of your favourite tunes to give your wedding a timeless feel with a touch of romance.


Joe H and the Players

For an old-school, smooth sound and a selection of stripped back, funky covers for you and your guests to enjoy, Joe H and the Players are a unique and super-cool outfit that will give your wedding a laid-back but highly polished feel.


The Cash Cows

Unique and hugely entertaining with a vintage vibe and a great sense of humour, the superb and unexpected covers produced by this talented duo on a variety of instruments – including double bass, guitar and brass – make for the most wonderful of alternative wedding entertainment ideas.

Noise restrictions in UK wedding venues can feel like a pain, but it’s really easy to adhere to them without a struggle. Just remember:

  • Check for any limits with your chosen venue early on
  • Explain any restrictions to your wedding band as soon as possible so they can plan ahead
  • Keep the venue informed of the entertainment you have chosen
  • Consider choosing an act that can easily tweak their performance for strict sound limits
  • Check in with your performers to find out how they plan to stick to any restrictions


By following the advice above, you can enjoy stress-free wedding entertainment without risking a fall-out with your venue or band.

For more information regarding live entertainment for weddings or other events, contact Twisted Entertainment here.



How to Stop Guests Leaving Early at Your Wedding?

Nerves before your big day are inevitable – after all, two families are coming together and you and your partner are celebrating your love for each other in front of everyone.

There’s also a great deal of planning involved and, with so much to organise and remember, you’re bound to be worried about forgetting something right up until the last minute.

Of course, there’s no definitive “how to have a successful wedding” guide, as every couple – and therefore every event – is different. Your wedding guests will appreciate that the celebration will be in keeping with your tastes and preferences to a degree.

However, it’s still up to you to keep those same wedding guests entertained throughout, which can feel like yet another pressure.

Luckily, our team at Twisted Entertainment have provided live acts for more than enough weddings to know just how to keep everyone enjoying their experience!

From wedding entertainment to food to social interaction, this handy article will help you to come up with the perfect event that will suit all attendees.


Make Sure Your Music is Spot On

One of our top wedding tips is to arrange your entertainment early on (around 12-18 months in advance so you don’t miss out on your favourite acts) and make sure it’s just what you and your guests will want.

Of course, although wedding entertainment can make or break your celebrations, you have loads of scope and opportunity to select the perfect act. There are scores of great options out there – and as long as your performers are organised and professional and you love what they do, it’s very difficult to make a “bad” choice.

It’s up to you if you want a romantic string quartet or harpist for your ceremony or reception – or if you’ve decided it’s all about the massive party band at the end of the night!

You may want to consider whether you’d rather have a live band or a DJ to accompany your evening celebrations – but there’s flexibility there too. For example, many couples decide to start the night off with a live act and switch to a DJ later on for consistent floor-filling hits.

If you want to take advantage of the top 2019 wedding trends, why not book a solo saxophonist? These performers have come to the fore on the wedding scene recently thanks to their ability to vary their sound from bright and energetic to soulful and sultry.

Or perhaps you should opt for the joyous sound of a full gospel choir? It’s a celebration after all, and these skilled vocalists will make your heart swell with glee.

Your preferred style of music will add a powerful dimension to the chosen theme or vibe of your wedding, so it’s important to think carefully about who you hire.

There’s something magical about live music that keeps its audience enthralled, so this is a great way to keep your wedding guests entertained throughout the event.


Provide Entertainment for Guests

Variety is a vital ingredient in a great wedding – so when it comes to entertainment, why stick to music alone?

After all, it’s very difficult to cater to everyone’s tastes and keep all attendees engaged throughout if you’re relying on only one activity – especially when you’re planning to have little ones at your event.

Activity-wise, our top wedding tips include:

  • Magicians
  • Affordable board games of any size (giant Jenga will always be a hit!)
  • Outdoor activities for all the family, such as lawn games
  • A fun wedding photo booth, complete with props!

Ice breakers are a must, as many of your guests will be meeting for the first time – plus, at some point the photographer will need to take the happy couple away to snap a few gorgeous pictures of you alone together, so you need to be confident that your attendees will be kept occupied!


Don’t Let Guests Go Hungry

It’s amazing how peckish people get at weddings! It’s no surprise, though, as all the travel to get to the venue, the excitement of the day and all of the activities they’ll enjoy are enough to have anyone working up an appetite!

The wedding food should be a highlight – and it needs to keep coming. People’s routines are different and some have bigger appetites than others, so you need to ensure that there is access to food throughout the day.

Light snacks and canapés are perfect for drinks receptions and other periods of circulation and chat earlier in the day – and, of course, you can’t forget your wedding feast later on!

Creative food options are a major trend at the moment, from cheese stacks and dessert tables in place of a wedding cake to food trucks, doughnut stands and plenty more besides.

You might also want to provide everyone with a late night snack to keep the energy levels high – an approach that is also becoming ever more popular.

Remember to cater to all requirements, including allergies and meat-free diets.


Stick to Your Schedule

Your guests will always like to know what’s next and when it’s happening, so sticking to a clear schedule is very important.

Everyone who has ever been a bride or groom knows how amazingly fast time flies at your wedding – so you need to keep an eye on it, as taking photos or chatting to relatives can get distracting!

Leaving guests without entertainment means risking them becoming bored, and that’s something that no one wants. Keep speeches and toasts short, and ensure there’s always something else to look forward to.


Have More Than One Room

Entertaining a large number of people from a variety of different backgrounds will mean that not everyone will have the same tastes or priorities, and that’s fine.

You may be looking forward to going wild on the dance floor, but some of your older guests – and perhaps attendees with small children too – might need to find a more chilled out spot for a while.

Your attendees are more likely to stick around if they can move between rooms for a change of scenery or a bit of a break occasionally.

It’s a smart idea to ensure that the bar and the dance floor are close to each other too – as this will tempt guests into staying for just one more boogie… and then perhaps another…


Interact with Your Guests

There will be people present who you haven’t seen for ages, and it might be tempting to spend all of your time catching up with them. However, it’s important to circulate and spend a little time with everyone. After all, they’ve come to celebrate your big day with you – and some may have travelled quite a long way, so it’s important to thank them!

Of course, you won’t have time for in depth conversations with every individual, and most of your guests will understand that. Keep it brief, and if you find you’ve got a lot more to say, why not contact them afterwards and arrange a personal get together at a later date so you can fill each other in on what’s new.

The majority of your guests will understand that ultimately, this day is about you and your beloved celebrating one another. However, it’s important for you to remember that everyone there will need to feel appreciated and entertained – plus, it takes a little pressure off you!

To keep everyone happy and to prevent early exits on your big day, we highly recommend that you:

  • Spend a lot of time and effort planning your music
  • Think up alternative entertainment so your guests can enjoy the variety
  • Ensure there is good food available all day
  • Make a clear schedule and stick to it religiously
  • Spread the attractions out across rooms (ensuring there is at least one quieter space)
  • Spend time with every single person there

Following steps will help to relieve a little of the stress and nerves that come with entertaining the full complement of family and friends, and will ensure that your wedding day is a roaring success!