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Hire the perfect musician for your wedding ceremony.

We are Twisted Entertainment Wigan and we have an unbelievable amount of musical talent ready and waiting to make your wedding day even more special than it already will be. We are truly blessed and proud to represent some out-of-this-world acts, bands, solo artists, saxophone players, and more making our curation one of the best in the UK. They’re all in high demand and have played at some stunning venues all over the world so make sure you book someone in as soon as you can. 

We understand that everyone has different tastes in terms of music and the style of their wedding so that’s why we’ve built a portfolio to cover all bases. You may be looking for a light and sophisticated background choir or classical band or on the other end of the scale, you might want to make a big song and dance, quite literally with an amazing DJ or jazz band! The best bit is the choice is yours and we can guarantee we have something to suit your budget and requirements. We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to give us a call on 07946 850413 or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Here is a small taste of what genres we have on offer and who you may be able to choose within each category. We can’t wait to hear from you and turn that wedding vision into something more real as the big day gets nearer.

Wedding Bands For All Genres & Tastes

Classical Wedding Bands Wigan

If you’re looking for something that provides elegance and contemporary combined, a classical band could be a fabulous choice for your wedding. This is a massively popular choice due to the music creating a blissful atmosphere whilst effortlessly leaving you as the focal point on your big day. Some of our main acts in this area are in high demand however we’d love to run you through some of our headliners: 

Steph Harp – Specialising in an array of pop and classical music types, Stephanie has performed all over the country in some prestigious venues. With many strings to her bow, she works closely with you to create the exact atmosphere and ambiance you need – tailormade music on your wedding day. 

City Jazz – This collective group of musicians are from London and they are phenomenal at what they do. They can also tailor a package to suit your desires because as a group they have an abundance of talent on offer. You could have anything from a duo or trio of singers to a ten-piece jazz ensemble or even the whole lot together. 

The Club Orchestra – As the name suggests this orchestra is beautifully good. They are talented, versatile, delicate and everything you would want from music at your wedding. They provide custom live sets and are capable of performing a wide range of songs as well as some greatest hits. Their unique performances blend live instrumental with the songs you want, does it get any better than that? 

DJ & Sax Wedding Bands Wigan

Now you may be wanting something a little bit more funky for your wedding in which a saxophone wedding back or DJ could be a brilliant choice. Luckily for you, we have access to a plethora of high rate players and DJ’s so you don’t need to worry. They truly are some of the best and we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the right one for you. Here are some popular choices below: 

Twisted Mix – Twisted Mix is mainly based around the Manchester area however will gladly play all over the world and have done so over the years. We recommend this group especially for weddings that after a more elegant vibe to them.

Ben On Sax – As the name suggests Ben is a wonderful saxophone player. When you hear how good he is you’ll be blown away and we wouldn’t be surprised if you book him immediately. He is award-winning and we’re lucky to be representing such a good musician. Ben has also played on BBC Radio 1 which is a testament to his ability. 

DJ Sarah Giggle – We have a brilliant group of DJs for you to choose from and well up there with the best is Sarah Giggle who has this inevitable ability to get the dance floor moving all night. Her outstanding song choices keep the party flowing and if that’s what you want at your wedding then let the celebrations

Choirs, Solos & Duo Artists

Choirs For Wedding Wigan

wedding bands manchester

If you’re looking for something a little more soulful at your Wigan wedding, there is no need for consideration as, without doubt, a great choice is Twisted Gospel. They, as many of our musicians are, are in high demand so if you’d like to book with them, it will be in advance to stand a chance of actually getting them at your wedding. Twisted Gospel comprises some of the best solo singers in the UK, backed up by a 5-piece band of session players – sensational indeed.

Solo & Duo Artists

manchester wedding bands

Adding to our commitment to choice and variety, we have lots of amazing solo and duo artists for you to choose from as well. Some well-known artists we have are TwoTone, Yemi, The Acoustics, and Simply Soul who bring both talent and passion to your wedding. To enquire further about these artists, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to elaborate on this for you.

Why Wedding Bands Wigan?

The reason we operate in this sector is because of the pure delight and joy music can bring, none more so, than on an occasion like your wedding day. The power that music has to emphasize sensation is truly unbelievable and that’s why we feel lucky here at Twisted Entertainment to have such a wonderfully diverse group of talent to offer you. Music helps to energize crowds, engage audiences, build excitement, provide focus, and more and what’s more, is it can all be tailored so you get the wedding of your dreams.

Contact Us Today

Are you looking to choose some music for your wedding in Wigan? Unsure what would be best? Know exactly what you want anyway? Either way, we’d love to hear all about it so we can show off all the amazing bands, groups, solo artists, duos, ensembles, and more so you’re in a good place to know exactly what’s on offer. If you’d like to know more then please get in contact with us by calling 07946 850413, sending us an email, messaging us on social media, or filling out the form on our website. See you soon here at Twisted Entertainment Wigan.


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